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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting Wrapped Up and Ready

OK know what today is? Besides November 1st...... 26 days till I can "Deck the Halls" & 25 days till I can start playing Christmas music, & 54 till for You to get the Christmas gifts and have them wrapped!

We have an agreement, my Hubby and me, I don't play or decorate (other than outside ) till after  Thanksgiving. He is a bit fed up with them decorating the stores earlier and earlier every year.  And for Turkey Day... it's Mannheim Steamroller playing in the back ground ( his favorite!).

54 days to get gifts and wrap them... I know  my sister-in-law is doing gift cards for us.  easier to travel here with. I am still doing gifts. Real Gifts! Not to knock the gift cards, to me it's a cop out of finding something. You have known your family for how long?  


I have  made things for the kids as they were growing up and still try and  find time to make something for them, even if it is an ornament.Shall we say they all have their own trees for their rooms to decorate :)

If you haven't figured out, I'm a "Christmas Bunny", Hubby's word not mine! (lol)  So For Christmas is the shop if you place an order by the December 20th and you want to ship it as a gift I will wrap it free of charge and ship to that address, tagged with how ever you want it signed. And I'll send you a separate bill for your records.  I know Dizzybusy Mamas is doing some special things up and Black Friday is one of them... Keep you post what we'll be doing with them!

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