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Sunday, October 23, 2011

What Can Holsom Heart Designs Offer You!

Been off balance a bit  that past two weeks have not been good. To many "Murphy " things have happened at once ! Yike!

 As to the Business  I don't  know what to do. I have offered sales specials, discounts, buy 1 get 1 frees, and... I am just eluded as to how to promote this business. I know things are slow all around, but what am I missing? I have participate in giveaways, and the winners have been thrilled with what they received! So what am I missing in marketing?

It is coming up on 1 year since I started this .com business. Yep Started it about November loading product on site and I have been loading and loading and sewing and sewing. 

Sew I guess I want to know, what does the customers of Holsom Heart Designs want?  What are you looking for? What are you needing? What do you like? What  do you use?  I would Love some comments for feed back, Thanks!

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  1. Regarding your site. You might want to get some optimization going on to better search results. It doesn't look like you've got any ranking...so it makes me wonder if you've submitted your site to the search engines? You'll want to submit to the big ones - google, yahoo, bing, and http://www.dmoz.org/ That's a start. Also start some link building to and from other relevant sites. It takes time, but you want people to find you. And Google loves back links.

    You can start with your own blog even. Add a follower button. That will encourage more activity and then create links on your blog to your site so readers and start clicking and going. All those links to your site and then within your site will start to help as well.