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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

After The Show.....

I had originally had planned to take photos however after having some issues with the phone  and trying to charge it... No photos and no updates either!

Well I was a bit let down with sales this past weekend.  8 total and profit even less than last year. Yes  we had even fewer people out shopping. None of the regular customers that I usually see. And the weather was cool. Some did well, the couple next to me have jams and jellies, and the guy across from me had wood trucks and cars, he did one day and left with only one truck left! Some  were down low like me with their sales. One vendor there sells some one the most beautiful  painted furniture with sayings on them and usually has great  sales.... not this year. So mixed cold, and drizzle along with  low turn out of shoppers made a   it  a long weekend.

Now that said the highlight of Saturday when this very beautiful and bubbly  woman  is standing in front of me saying "Mama Kath", and it's Dizzybusy Mamas  Mama T! And after a long hug and me trying not to tear up, we had introductions to Mama T's family all 4 children and the Hubby! And then they went off fed the children and She came back and we talked. We bounced ideas off each other, and hugged more and then met Mama and Papa Dizzybusy!  ( Mama T's parents and both got big hugs too!
Mama T is the first person that I have met in person from meeting online. I can't wait to meet, April! (AND I WILL!!!)

As down as the sales were, I am pumped.... well I will be when I wake up... and it might take till the weekend for that to happen. I have a lot of product that I need to move. Since October 1st is coming up and there is a special thing happening with Dizzybusy Mamas on that day... I am going to be offering from the 1st thru the 24th of the month a special for those joining  the Mamas celebration! I'm not saying what yet other than it will be a discount for you purchasing form Holsom Heart Designs. Let's start shopping and Shop The Mamas!

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