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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spot Lights, Camras Action....

Welcome DizzybusyMamasNetwork! Woo Hoo!
I Have been waiting for this for months now!

To quote Dizzybusy Mamas herself " Who would like to learn more about the benefits to Social media,make friendships with fellow dreamers and oh have lots of fun and laughs? I'm on board ! Are you?"  Another great place to do networking with fellow business... Moms! It it FREE. All features of FB but more and with Mama style. And if you have never been to Dizzybusy Mamas Facebook page... You have know clue the amount of fun you are missing.

We  all need some place to go when we are stressing out with our business, or need a question answered, or want advise on how to handle a situation... Want to share an accomplishment or need help in a crisis... You can find all that here with Mama. It's the comfort you need, support and just Keep on trucking attitude that will help you over the hump or through what ever life is throwing at you in any particular moment!

You can sign up for a personal page using your personal email and sign up again with your business
name and business email to have separate pages on  the network. Both are FREE. You only pay annually if you would want to sell on Mama's market. Mama's Market. The Mama Marketeer Option: Includes Mamamembership plus the ability to sell on the Mama's Market. Any items you wish to sell. $15 annual fee. All the details will be listed on our website www.dizzybusymamas.com site in the Mama's Market section. Any questions send them to dizzybusymamas@gmail.com

Hope to see you there! ( or here!)

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