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Saturday, July 30, 2011


I have not counted, I don't even know if I even could try to count the number of businesses on Facebook and Etsy that sell Jewelry! I can tell you how many sell it on the Tired of Being Ignored Etsy team!
which would be about 17 of the 48 present members! I don't even think that hits the 1% of what is on Etsy alone!


   Now this isn't a complaint! It's an observation and with this observation I started thinking. I had made Jewelry bags and sold a few  years back, but how could I make them better.

So after a bit of thinking I came up with an idea and then after quite a bit of sewing and ripping., and the ripping wasn't by choice! We have this!

And No this is not a toaster cover! It measures 7" long by 5 1/2 " high by 5" deep.

            With the zipper about 17" around it so you can open it up wide.


         To the one side is 2 pockets for  a chunky or large pendant necklace or even a pin!
The other side has about 6  narrow pocket. 3 smaller one can hold earrings in or clipped to it. And the other 3 have a strip above them to attach ed with velcro at the one end to slide chains on to and drop in to to  the pockets for keep them from getting tangled together.

 The center has a stuffed tube that is velcroed at the one end to put bracelets on.

 Well What do think?

1 comment:

  1. I know what you mean about the jewelry. I had no idea when I got involved the amount of jewelry artists out there. I was encouraged to go online and sell it. If I had known the saturated market that exists, I so would have chosen a different craft.

    Your jewelry bag is pretty nifty. I like it!