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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Warm Weather- Cool Weather

Ok I'm a day late  with writing this. I went running through the house Monday flinging windows open because the humidity dropped. Yes we all know how hot the middle of the US has been And yesterday was another day of nice weather. Today it's raining but, I still have nice cool  air here. Ahh!

With cool weather here I am a little more motivated to make. Finished and Posted my latest dress yesterday. I'm calling it a 3 - in - 1 Dress.

After posting it some one had commented on how they would like it more if it had a "V neck" . So I laid in bed last night before falling a sleep trying to visualize it. Yes I do those crazy things, although it's usually in a hot bathtub!

And it actually has two pieces to it. One being the sheer and the other being a T-shirt fabric. I figure the sheer could be worn over a swimsuit, or you could wear the white knit, or  both.

 And you could also put either an purchased tank top or T-shirt under the sheer  with white legging/ jeans  and eve a belt at the waist for several other looks. It's one of the easy to travel with many uses kind of outfits.

Next I have a piece of blue sheer that I'm looking at doing something similar with and I might just get the "V" in it! Who knows?

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