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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Words are Pricing!

 I realize everyone likes looking at pictures But some time you don't have pictures to go with what you need to say. 

 I shared the link to Pussyfoots Blog the other day.You want to know the term labor of love? How about challenging ones self? I think Diane hit it all with the bracelet she made. And by the way Diane it turned out beautiful if I didn't say that already. Hmmm, I know the perfect bag for it to travel in too! My last blog posting!  I think there was a theme here this past weekend!

 You ever wonder why Sellers charge what they do? We as designers all struggle with how to price our work. What do you think your time is work? You have the cost of materials and the time you put in to making that OOAK item (one of a kind) And then if you are selling on a site, like etsy, or ebay.... etc, you have fees. Or do you do shows? Do you figure your show fee cost into your prices than? If you price it to high Do people think it's not worth it? Or the opposite, your to low and they think that you're giving it away, or worse  case to cheaply made!

 You know  I have struggled and still seem to struggle with pricing. My mother's advise was take you cost of materials and double it .. Etsy news letter a while back had something similar. The thing is sometimes these methods don't work.The price come out way out of proportion!

My sister told me that my time was worth $10.00 an hour! Hers is $15.00 an hour by the way, yes you have to love my younger sister!

How many of any item you do can you do in an hour? Divide that into the $10 and that how much you'll get , figure out material cost. Well if the fabric cost me $18 for the yard, (by the way have you price New upholstery fabric,some are closers to $30/yard!) and I get lets say 2 out it that would  $9 apiece for material and if it takes and hour to do 2,  9+5=$14. Oh and then there is lining fabric which I didn't include in figuring. But you also have thread cost, needles, and any trim used. Can you see how things can rise after a while. It's a matter of cost of materials. And  while I have been blessed to get many materials fo nothing.... I know that the day is coming when I will have to be buying! So I have to keep that in mind when pricing.

 I have one question for you "How do you figure out pricing?"

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