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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Has Friday Come Yet!

I have no clue yet why I kept wanting it to be Friday the first 2 days of the week or maybe I was anticipating what was to come this week. I feel like the only thing accomplished was the laundry! 


I'm tired and I just got up?  Monday and Tuesday I kept thinking it should be Friday, Wednesday was helping the sister with cleanup, after the storm, and Thursday was resale, with Friday being babysitting the kitten! Can you say nothing got done!

Oh and just now I realized that they have not called t say the print that we bought is in out not. They were out of stock last Sunday. ( thank you Rebecca fro letting me know about the sale at Staples!) It should have been here Tueday! Something to put on the Hubby's list to take car of....

I am in limbo with a few projects,basically it's a matter of picking a lining to go with them and I an not liking any of the in  house chooses. (sigh)

I started yesterday working on an idea, only to have the machine not wanting to go through the layer nice. Ok I think the needle got bent slightly, though I can't tell with out taking it, and the stitch lever kept shifting on me.Mom's machine sews great, but that is one of the down falls is that the lever moves and if you catch something on it you could be back-stitching before you know it. So I will be deal with all the silliness next week

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