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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Solution Idea

Yikes it's Tuesday! I have know clue but almost all day yesterday I kept thinking it was  Friday .... I think the air conditioner is getting to me!

Well things have been slow and I decided to make something for Me! I can remember the last time I did that? Yes it has been that long. So I have been wanting to get my bill and cards out of the kitchen for sometime. and I was planning on a different desk. I have temporary custody of the one daughter who has moved out computer desk. and it works for the computer...... and it works for the computer...... yeah.

No drawers, and I have gotten creative with the CD holders on it.

But I still have lots of misc. stuff and I am in the process of move things around in the kitchen to fit a new table, and I had wanted to move the mail closer to the computer. So many of the addresses are in here mailing cards that I have to look up all the time.

! the light bulb came one while flipping through a magazine and I didn't feel like trying to run around town or out of town to find something similar. Why not do it yourself! So Did It!

And customized to fit my needs for use.

The lower level hold my bills  that need to be paid for the month. I made vinyl pockets for a card to go into to tell me the date the need to be paid by. And yes some one commented about auto with drawl. I a little on the old fashion side. I decide when you get my money and I don't what ever yahoo have access to my account!

The upper half  (majority) is for holding different size envelopes and cards, return address labels on and the stamps!

 Now I think my Husband will be able to find tings and I won't have to looking for everything for him!


  1. Great idea! Are you going to sell them?

  2. I'm thinking about it. Diane had been commenting on my photo on Facebook. So who knows!