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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flowering Hope

I'm not sure what to post on today. I'm having a "funk" so to speak. The weather here has been beautiful and my flowers are in bloom. I have been very excited over the past week watching the buds on the purple Iris, which haven't bloomed in over 10 years... D-E-E-R..... like to eat the buds every spring.

This year is different for some reason so they are in bloom. not a lot... but they have that "Hope" in them.

( was a little breezy out when shooting this morning)

I think that part of my problem at the moment is I haven't had any sales. I have been working on product, I have a show in September that I always do, and do fairly well at, with the exception of last year.   One reason I choose to really start pushing myself to sell online was that.  I felt I needed to be seen by more people. So far I have the compliment cards as it were being handed, but those don't pay the bills we all know. 

So I'm back to thinking of the " put a nickle in the jar" for every comment at the show again. I would have been rich years ago!

Enjoy the flowers and have a great weekend!

Iris in bloom up walk

Bridal's Wreath

                    if I remember right these are Dianthus. They say that they bloom  from May-June, But I had them still blooming in August last year!

I was told this is Honeysuckle


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  2. Love the flowers! I need to plant some. We have had such a wet spring I just now got the flower bed weeded. And Really love your purse!