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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Weather nice productivity  up today.

 I've been busy with  stuff. Finishing items, photos and cleaning. Or at least trying to regain control of the table top since this weekend. Yes! the  drapes and curtains were a success for the daughter. I have plenty of fabric scrapes from it.... I was thinking the whole time working on them " what to do with the left over?" LOL Is that bad!

(Please ignore, as the Wizard would say any holes in the ceiling. We have been deciding what to change  it to so "if" we have plumbing issues again we will have easy access.)

As you can see  I have a stash and this is only half the wall. I started re-stacking last week. The upper shelf is items  that I've worked on before and am now taking a break from. Along with supplies from  doing art classes with the kids at school... Yes when they were in school, it was a parochial school,  a friend and I helped the teachers with doing art class. Let's just say it was more craft projects and many of the mothers really appreciated the items that their children came home with!

At this point in the process of re-stacking I started trying to decide what to do with the collection of T-shirt fabric that I have. As the Dresses seem to be getting squeals of delight, I am thinking of something a long that line.

With so many Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to follow with producing children items I have been hesitant. I have been looking for other avenues. But the truth is my heart is really  pulling me back towards children products.... so we will see where thing will lead.

Working at the Bethesda Thrift Shop  I have experienced first hand all the CPCS  rules on what is acceptable and what isn't. I have subscribed to the CPCS in order to stay up to date with info you can keep up at   www.cpsc.gov/onsafety .

I recommend that anyone selling children's products do so. It's best to be safe!

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