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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jacket to purse act 2

Ok Back in April I had wrote I had gotten 3 jackets that I was turning them into purses. Well I Finally finished the one I originally started with!

So Here is the before:

 This tailored green print jacket wasn't bad looking, well  it was a nice print I thought... just not for a .. ah.. jacket. 

                           So Drum Roll Please!


                                                  And as Terri would say 

I found that after ripping the darts out of the first front , that it would take to much tome doing that so? I decided to work with them and the curve of the jacket. Yup, Those buttonholes  are where they were on the jacket. I just folded and made the other side look similar. And Yes, those are the original buttons to it!

I also found a use for both of the pockets. One on the front under the flap and one on the back. either could be used to hold keys or a cellphone.
I lined it with a pink satin fabric. A zippered compartment and two smaller pockets on the inside. These were the easy things I did. Where I had run into the problem was with the way I had wanted to do the handle. I had used 2 "D" rings on either side and then attached the longer part of the handle. The problem I wound up having was my machine could not sew through 6 layers!  So after  several months of piled off to the side I found a way to get the look I wanted.

Now I'm debating whether to sell or keep it!


  1. That's cool. Nice vision. Like the satin lining.

  2. Cool Kath! You're very talented and creative with that sewing stuff!

  3. Nice job! I can see you learned alot in that home ec class! LOL! I was born and raised in the Milwaukee area, were are you in WI?

  4. Debi I learned how to sew almost everything by 10 and putting zippers in at 12. I've learned a few thing since than, but it's more in the line of techniques. Live in Wisconsin Rapids, families homestead.