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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday! Taxes and Bags

It's Monday. There are days that If I didn't know Sunday was yesterday I wouldn't know that it was Monday.

They all start to look alike . Get up, get dressed. Throw laundry in washer (or take out)   eat breakfast, read email answer post on Facebook. ... (Any thing sound like familiar to your routine yet!)
and depend on day and week get to sewing! Last week church quilting 2 days this week finishing up bags and a quilt I was working on for sale.

Than the Taxes! Business taxes were done in January. That's just how we have it set up and after having the Hubby say those words "we All get to here from our man about it) That "they aren't sending the forms out" and "you have to go online" and They " didn't send you a card".... He got them done. And  He got the personal taxes done the first of the month. I was not like the daughters who kept "riding him like (his words not mine) Like a dirty diaper!" to get them done earlier. He did get theirs don in February.

 Well Taxes are Done and we got the state refund the other day.. and Monday is almost  done And I got the bags finished that need to be along with the quilt! Now if I could just get the sunlite to cooperate and stay out till 9m then I get photos done... Well that ain't going to happen so I will have to get photo tomorrow and post on my Facebook for thpse who are interested.

 Tomorrow Rearrange furniture in basement to fit the new dinning table in kitchen!  It makes since to me and that's all that matters. I also hope to gett some more fabric ready for purses tomorrow also. Have a great week!

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