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Sunday, April 24, 2011


First I have to say this.... HE IS RISEN!  HE IS RISEN INDEED!

 There I feel so much better! It's Easter today and I would not be doing what I'm doing if I hadn't been giving these great "Gifts" or " Talents"  by someone. And yes I may have learned from people how to do these things , But To be a natural as it were, to pick up that idea and run with it to create the way most people do it has to be given to you by some one.

I choose this out of Jessie's Photos and posted it on  the page on good Friday
No I don't preach and or get pushy with my beliefs but I had about enough "earth day " this week.  Friday was Good Friday to me and always will be and it won't change to those  that get it I salute you!

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