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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shout Out

What a Great Week it has wound up being for Holsom Heart Designs! I Started out not thinking I was getting anything done Having quilting at church on Monday and Tuesday... Ok I did get several tops and a back made there plus helped put together a queen and 2 full size quilts for selling at our Fall Bazaar  we finished tying 13 which isn't bad. In a years time we make about close to 200! They go to World Relief and Orphan Grain Train and locally to The Red Cross and Fundraiser when request as well as Families in our church who are in need.

This year we donated 7 to  Foster Children, who are 18yrs and out of the system. Graduating HighSchool some many go on to school, but many will be on there own. This is something that is theirs to keep with them regardless where they go. Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you think of it.

The other thing was the never ending Laundry! Some day my 21 Will Learn to put her clothes in the hamper on a daily bases and not every week and a half! (sigh!)

My other thing was completing several Bucket Bags which I'm excited about! Because they are going to  Oneida, NY and Treasure Seekers Crafts Gifts and More! http://www.treasureseekers2011.yolasite.com    Also  finished another Small Scale Messenger Bag and am working on another to send there! So if you're in the Oneida, NY area stop by Treasure Seekers and Check them out!  And also check out the other vendors that are there Say Hi to April for me:)
She is one talented and organized woman! I'm still trying to figure out what she can't do yet?
Ok April !

My other great news was I WON! Rebecca Whim's had a contest for free advertising and I won! She's working on Her own domain right now and I am so Proud of her! Stop by her Esty  Show and take a look at this talented Mom of four! http://www.etsy.com/shop/RebeccasWhims?ref=pr_shop_more and than hop over to her blog! This is an amazing woman and you will love her! http://youhaveakidsonowwhat.blogspot.com/

Ok Recbecca!

 Love both these woman They are both great friends that I have never Met!  Yet! And deserved a shout out for  there work! Check them out!


  1. Hey Kath! Wow, you sure got alot of things accomplished, good for you! Congrats on the big win, that's awesome!

  2. Thanks primalpainter. It wasn't till I started writing that I realized just how much I did do.