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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jacket to purse Act 1

Ok  i've posted on my fan page last week that I would tell you more about  the jacket purses I've been working on! Well here we go!

The before look ......
Front                                                 Back
It wasn't that bad of a looking jacket, but it was scream turn me into something else!
                                                             SO I DID! 
                                                               Drum roll please 


I got 2 purse for the price of 1 jacket and I still have some left over fabric!

What I found out after ripping it apart was that I was 1 drawn to the opposite side of the fabric. Yup the negative image is what you see here as the base of these two. I liked the stripe for some reason with the creamy white flower. It said spring in a suttle way.
The curve of the facing which made the facing up was the other interesting thing I liked. So I decided to incorporate into the flap and in the process decided I liked the shoulders as flaps as well! hence 2 purse came about.
This was the first one I completed I decided to use a belt as a handle that was woven. And a magnetic closure on the flap to hold it closed
 I also kept the Alfred Dunner label on it. Though I original had thought of using it on the out side I like the floral design better  the other way!
I top stitched the flap to give it a crisper look.
 This one as 1 zipper pocket on the inside!

Purse 2  I used much more of the jacket. The handles are from it as well as the button closure. The button was original to the jacket and the strap that it button into is actually the collar! I used a piece of leather  upholstery sample. It also has a zippered pocket on the inside!

I like the way they turned out! How about you! let me know what you think ---Kath


  1. Very cool! That was a cool jacket to work with.

  2. Wow, how cool is that! I've always admired people who can design, sew, and make something new out of something else and you're one of them!