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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday... where did my week go?

It Saturday already! This week wasn't as busy as last week, but as I'm reading emails this morning I realize I needed to be writing some thing for the blog!

 I have gotten some things done but not necessarily for Holsom Heart Design. Although I did Finish to bags I had cut out pieces for earlier this past month.

Just because you work from home doesn't mean life at home stops! Laundry which seems never ending some weeks, oh someone decided to clean their room again! Or, Like telling your daughter you're not needing the car and then realizing in the morning when you wake  you did. I had planned oh walking when I woke up and realized it, My Husband confirmed I was when he came back up and said the car was already gone!

Tuesday was I'd say a Mom's day out. One daughter  had an eye exam while the other an interview. (Keep in mind they are 23 and 21 respectfully!) And the younger had to do a pedicure on my sister, who after doing inventor this past weekend at work was ready for one! Well the original plan was the older one was going to drop me off at the aunts and then go with some friend to lunch but that got canceled. Gas is $3.78 (something like that.) and her friend was already having to go the next day the same direction and didn't want to be slugging the tank twice!  well winding up at my sister's the youngest was wanting to know what I was feeding her, and the  discussion ran thought he available restaurants, well in the end we wound up driving a 1/2 hour to go to Olive Garden. The oldest had a gift card and the youngest had never been.I love my 23 year old she paid for lunch which was more than the card. But she also put up with her younger sister's stories that .... well if you have a younger sibling you get! In the end I found that to be my best day of the week!

I don't say it enough but I do Love my kids even when they drive me crazy and nothing gets done. So this weekend project... finish  any items that have been started hoping to maybe get some photos taken List things into shop( I have to figure out the writing part yet!) and have lunch  with the hubby after he gets his headache from doing taxes,(which he puts off till the last second!)

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