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Friday, March 4, 2011

Josephine's Purse of many colors

Do remember the Bible story of Joseph and His coat of many colors? I do  That's what partly inspired the name for this Purse! And not my Aunt.

 Over the process of making  the Bucket Bag and several other of my purse. I have had to trim down some to get the shape I need. And be related to a Grandmother, who saved almost everything,.... and I mean like the small containers that the gravy came in from KFC! (Don't ask how many my Mom through out when she moved Grandma out  off her house!)

She had lived through "The Great Depression". They saved things and found a way to reuse them. I happily used the plastic silverware she had washed and saved the one school with the kids lunch!

Well I'm not that bad. But I do have a hard time throwing fabric away. And if you are a quilter.... It can be twice as bad. Guess what. I am a quilter!

Well noticing how many odd pieces of upholstery I was having I started to think... Why can't I quilt it...so to speak. It's basically the same principle.Piecing. You cut different pieces when you are doing a quilt. Well instead of cotton It's upholstery and with a top stitch, walla! A side of a bag with detail is created from scraps that would have been thrown completely away!

Now If this isn't recycling I don't know what is!

I wanted this page to be different from some of the other I was doing. I decided, totally by an accidental screw up on my part when cutting, On thinner handles. Only they were not going to be as thin as they wound up being.
But the screw up was for the better and I was so pleased with how they turned out. This is the same handle that would be on Grandma Ethel's Bag!

I also had been wanting to do a
magnetic closure on a bag. This purse shape lent its self perfectly to doing

A zippered inner pocket to hold
small/personal items as well as divide
the inside.

There You Have Josephine's Purse! ( And I really do have an aunt named Josephine!)

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