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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

Did you know March is Cerebral palsy Awareness Month?

 Better question is Do you care that it is?

 To answer the first question. No I didn't know it was until reading the blog of  a friend.But I am  Glad to know that!

To answer the second question. Yes I do care, because of this friend's son has has it. She Has a Wonder blog called " Henry's Heroes" which explains what it is!http://henrysheroes.blogspot.com/2011_03_01_archive.html

 I found this article fascinating. If you haven't yet read it, READ IT! I was amazed at the information and different types that there are. It's almost like people, no two are exactly alike. There are similar things that they may share but everyone is different. At least that what I came away with.

The actual definition  of Cerebral Palsy is  it is a type of brain injury. It is actually a group of symptoms which commonly occur in a particular pattern of brain injury. When those symptoms come together, it is call it cerebral palsy.   (I took this definition  from the blog)

The other thing I came a way with after reading this is  that The parent of these children are or have to be amazing. What they go through day to day. If you think it's hard getting your child who is capable of dressing and feeding themselves, get up and ready to go somewhere. Think of a parent that has to do it for their child. There, and not infant or toddler, but teen or even adult.  I have a total admiration for the strength  of these parents!

I was in to the Culver's by us shortly after reading this with my husband for dinner. I watched as a mother feed her son the custard ( It's  frozen custard and not Ice Cream at Culver's!) Smiling and thinking of my friend.  You see the mother was older than me and the son was in a wheel chair holding his cup and about my age, maybe a little younger.  She took care wiping his face. Getting his jacket on and then her and his father left with him.  Life doesn't end  you just need to make adjustments!

I guess where I'm going with this is if you have the chance to help make a difference in someone life do it Help them any way you can!That's what I trying to do!

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