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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I decided Back when I posted Grandma  Ethel's Bag, That I needed to start blogging about the other items in the Shop!

So That's where we are today. with a different design from the shop. This time I Choose one of the Quilts I have listed.

I actually made my first Quilt with my Grandmother for my dorm room.  Just simple blocks sewn in no particular order. We backed it with the pre-quilted fabric which was new on the market  than and tied it. Now I have been told that tieing make it a comforter, but I don't cake it's warm just the same. And it rides around in the back of my car where ever I go! ( or which ever one of the kids has the car at that time!)

It's amazing how many different way you can use a square!  You can do as I first did, which takes the true meaning of what I believe A "Patch Work Quilt" should be. Or you can layout with a specific design in mind. Take my Blue Patch work Quilt for example.

patch work of 3" blocks making up the center of this 34" X 42 3/4" quilt.
Can you see the pattern I chose?

A lot of how I lay out my blocks is determined by how many I have of any one print (or solid).
Because of this ,I have been known to get started  with an idea in mind and totally wind up going a different route in the end.

Ah the joy of scrap Quilting! I name what every piece used was leftover from using. That is what makes quilts so special I think is that they tell a story. Even if you didn't make it it has A story to it.

So, why not stay warm and make it Your Story!

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