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Monday, March 28, 2011

Small Scale Messenger Bag

I decided to day to show how I made my latest Small Scale Messenger  Bag.

                 First as always I choose my fabric color(s). These days I am piece more of my
                           samples  together, so once I decide on colors, I layer out how I  want to
see them combined and the sew.
I pine the exterior and cut the lining so it fits the exterior.

   In this case I have sides that are put in separate.

 Then I cut any pockets that I want added to the bag out of the lining fabric. And stitch.

                       before sewing the second side in I machine embroider  my twine Hearts in place.

                          I cut and sew the handle from a coordinating fabric  And the the appropriate
                          hardware in place and attach to bag . 

                          After attaching the handle  with the lining I put the buttonhole in and sew
                            the button on.

                               And Wholla  the latest and greatest Small Scale  Messenger Bag!
                                     Done and ready for purchase at Holsom Heart Designs!

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