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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Does your Purse say who you are?

You know deciding or coming up with a name for an item is not the easiest thing to do. Oh I guess you could say Purse 1 or Bag D....but that just....well it doesn't have personality.

inside of  Grandma Ethel's Bag

You know a woman's purse of bag can say a lot about her.  True just think about it. With  small kids you have one big enough to hold a kitchen sink, well just about it seems at times. You seem to have to have everything with for just in case emergency pops up! I know been there done that!

inside Kath's Bag

Small could say your a minimalist or in my case as the kids got older, "I'm not in charge of it it belongs to you you carry it!" I know a few of you feel that way.

All in one Mini

There are the I don't want to carry a wallet, or the Let's just toss it all in and go.

demo of a Kath's bag design
I've owned enough purse to know what I like. And to know that when it was time to make my own to get what I wanted! I wanted unique, I wanted to be able not to haul a wallet always. I wanted to be able to find the small lip balm when I needed it and not have to dump everything out every time I needed to use it! Am I sounding Familiar to you.

I will tell you the first one I made was out of cotton quilting fabric and I loved the print! What I didn't like was the wear on it. So round 2!
 Thank You Chuck for the upholstery samples!    
My first "New Purse"

Second !
After covering nearly every cushion and pillow
in the house that needed to be recovered , I
started looking for other thing to do with the
sample pieces and Wholla new purses for me!

They are about 10 years old now and have been washed several times.And I may note that I still use them!  Right now I have my winter one in use. And I am looking at a forth one, but just haven't figured out which one I like. Yet!

Have you found yours?

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