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Monday, March 14, 2011

Doll clothes 101

As of today I have 59  products listed. I probably have more as some of the items I listed were color choices.

I have for a long time sewn doll clothes. In fact I started selling them before I  even had girls. Like many vendors who sell at craft  shows I started out using commercial patterns from my Grandmother's stash! But as the years went on I decided to try my hand at creating my own.

Now you might look at the designs and say they came from a store but I base my doll clothes on what little girls would wear! Or what I would dress my own in.

 Simply patterns that could be altered by just what fabric was used. It was the style that I was going for.

Jumper Fun in Cow Print
My all-in-one Jumper is a good example.  Having had three girls and at least a dozen  Barbie dolls a piece! (Thanks to their Grandma!) Multiple pieces pulling on or off ( depending on the age of the girls) went. I would get tired of having to dress them. Little hands can't always get them.The idea game from a commercial  pattern I had  that had the top and bottom attached! Hmm! Light bulb time.

Peter Pan Collar on 2 piece Pants set

 Peter Pan collars and Sleeve would make a shirt. I had already made that for a top! So many of the baby outfits  I had put the kids in had bib-overall  style to it. Ahh! Jumper... you usually had a shirt underneath. That was simple

Peter Pan Collar on Jumper Fun

Long Sleeve option on Jumper Fun

What made thing simpler for me was that I was when  making my pattern pieces I decided to make them interchangeable.  Interchangeable with in groups. Sleeves that would interchange in either a top or dress from long to short, gathered or straight! This has simplified and made doing doll clothes over the years so much more enjoyable!

Short Sleeve gathered sleeve on Baby Doll Dress

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