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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Josephine's Purse

Josephine's Purse....Of Many Colors... is based, yes on the story of Joseph's coat of many colors.

I hate to throw away fabric, especially when it's large enough to still make something out of it. When are children were young I used to buy end of bolts a lot of time. If I needed a yard and there was an 1/8 to a 1/2 of a yard left that  I'd take the whole thing, I figured it was easier for the the girl that was cutting it. Well it would accumulate and eventually I would make doll clothes or quilts using it.

  18" Pajama set that fits dolls like the
 American Girl    Product #AJPJ

and  15" doll Jumper that will fit dolls like Bity Baby
     Product   # BBD11E
(Both dolls  are from the Pleasant Doll Company)

 Blue Patch Quilt  Product #QlB1  a 34" X 42 3/4" quilt.

Well The same seem to hold true upholstery fabric, which I use in making my purses and bags. They come from furniture upholstery samples that would have been thrown away after the season was over. And I have quite a stash of them. On occasion on only needed part of one to finish what I was working on and I 'd have these 5 or 6 inch pieces left. Waste not want not..... I started thinking, (Which for me can be dangerous), and thought.....quilting blocks! Piecing these scraps together like I would be making a quilt, only I'd be making me a custom piece of fabric or an new bag! Hence Josephine's Purse is born!

With the idea in mind and plenty of brown paper bags I came up with a design to fit this new found patch work creation. Thinner  double handles and a magnetic closures to finish it, with a zippered interior pocket!
It's cute and cool and will keep things organized all at the same time!
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