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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grandma Ethel

If you notice on the site I have several bags with people's names in the title. It's more for my reference when making them, but each also fits the person whose name is in the title as well. With one exception.... Grandma Ethel.

I'm not saying that there is no one with that name , however in this case... Grandma Ethel is a fictional character in a book my sister has written and believe me she is one of the most entertaining characters that I have read. (and I hate to read!) Any way the character has this Purse that she cares with her that ,..Well I think it had every thing but the kitchen sink....Maybe it did have the kitchen sink in it. It reminds you of the bag "Mary Poppins's" had and the kids couldn't figure out how   she do that.

Well while this purse can't hold the kitchen sink, it does have a lot of room to put your items in. And I could find enough things loose in the house for the photo to show how much it can hold!(I don't carry that much in my purse these days.)

So If your looking for a big Purse this in the one for You!

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