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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I don't know how many of you have looked at my online shop, but for those who have you may have wondered ( or not) What's with the 2 hearts on the bags?

Well besides having the word Heart in the title of the shop, there is another reason for them. It is something that I have chosen to support. It is called World Wide Heart to Heart (WWH2H) .  For every item purchase 10%  of that purchase will go to them and for every Bucket Bag 50%.Yes you did read that right!

It has to do with children .The brief description is that WWH2H is  a children's village in Honduras, that was set up in 2000, (though it started slightly before that) as  a need for the children who had lost their parents during Hurricane Mitch (1998). Since then they have build several builds to house both boys and girls and babies. They  at present have about 78 children. For more in formation you can go to http://wwh2h.org

Ialso have the link located in my shop. I could almost here the squeal of delight coming from Mary when
I asked to link there site to my shop!

Bucket Bag

How did I come to find this group. A woman by the name of Mary Frenter  who can to talk at our church last year. I was hooked, I love children. I love babies and don't ask me why, but I'm drawn to them. I may not be able to go down there, but I can do something here for them. And if that means donating a portion of my profit help these kids Than I Will. My husband and I  have just started  sponsoring 2 bothers they are 5 and 6 years old and adorable. Just like here it takes money to raise kids and any funds sent are used for where we designate them to be used! 

                                          So buy a bag and help a child! 
                                        And Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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