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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heidi's Bag

 Heidi's Bag.
Well first off it isn't so much a bag as it is a purse......a purse with a lot of pockets... and a lot of  personality like the daughter it's named for. This is the reason I started selling bags and purses.

Heidi had wanted a purse made for her to take with to New York when she went the one summer while she was in High School, with the drama department. She wanted it to be able to go across her shoulder, so she would have her hands free when taking pictures.She also needed it big enough to put a light weight jacket into ( in case of rain!), they were touring during the day and doing the theater at night.She wanted pockets on the inside to put her sunglasses ,camera, wallet and phone! She also wanted room for her friends stuff. (Ok he' a guy friend and he didn't want to be carrying his sunglasses and camera all the time!) She Also wanted sequins and this applique on it that she had picked out. So you know mom. I sat and made it for her.
Newer Designs Inter space for items

Anyways she comes back home and is telling her Dad and I about how people are coming up, total strangers in NY and asking where she had got this bag from. When she would tell them that I made it, they would ask is I sold them. She said Mom you should try selling them.
One of my newer Heid'is Bags

Well I was A little hesitant about doing them, it wasn't where my vision of what I thought I should be selling was. It actually took 3 years before I finally decided too. So I made up about a dozen bags and took them to the show with me. I came home with only 1. ( I was selling them at half the price I am now!)
 The next year I raised the price and made about another dozen and a half bags and came home with 2.
I've been sewing and trying to come up with a new design every year....til this last  summer. That's when I decided to go on line and get the bigger market. And while the sales have yet to take off , My designing  inspiration has!


  1. Very Cute bag and I like the story behind "Heidi's Bag" :o) Your blog looks great!

  2. what is your etsy name? I tried crafts by kash and I couldnt find it

  3. Amalia that is my Etsy name type it this way in craftsbykash. I should pop up here's the link