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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bucket Bag.... What exactly is it

beige/rust/tan colored Bucket Bag
I am going to try and describe to you what
the Bucket Bag is.

Well it is a tote bag,....but more
than a tote bag.

The Idea for the name , Bucket Bag came
from,...well....what do you  use a bucket for?!
There are so many things  that you can do with
a bucket. So why not a bag?!


lite brown/red/blue colored Bucket Bag

While you may not be able to fill this bag with water like a bucket, you could fill it with water bottles!

You wouldn't necessarily fill it with rocks, although how much does a bucket of rocks weigh compared to a bag filled with canned soup and fruits and veggies? Think it might be close.

butterfly print in alternating cream and blue
dark beige/green/rose colored Bucket Bag

You can store knitting or magazines, for around the house or to take with you when  you are waiting for that child at practice or for game intermission.

These are just a few Ideas for using the Bucket Bag. I bet you can find more!

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