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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bucket Bag.... What exactly is it Part 2

My Bucket Bag Design is not necessarily new to me. I did it about 20years ago.

My original bag made from denim
Back then the one grocery store was trying to go with eco-friendly bags. Well like now I thought their bags were to small. So Being the little seamstress I am I decided to make my own!

 It wasn't that hard I took the pattern from what else.... The Paper Bag!

Yup, sliced it a part and made a pattern from it. I fact I made several dozen of these bags. Still use them to this day.


When I decided to make them this time around though I chose to change things a bit, and I don't just mean the fabric type!

What I did first was to change the bottom of the bag! Since I have upholstery samples that came in larger sizes this was the perfect use for them. No Bottom Seam!
Why do they double bag those heavy items?Most on the weight goes to the bottom of the bag. How many times have you had a bag blow out from the bottom losing everying across the floor.

I still have side seams, but  it's all about weight . Handles too. I stitch the Handles in once and then fold them like you wound be carrying your bag and top stitch. Each layer of color is top stitched for added strength . Remember I've had my original bags for 20 years. I've had to resew a few handles, but that's it!

Lining. Now this was a new Idea. I decided to line them because... well... The upholstery fabric colors and prints gave it a classier look. And if we're going classy you need to line. That and if you want to use it for over items other than grocery shopping you can. Who'd think that this was a grocery bag if you were wearing it on your shoulder?

I actually gave this to a friend to try and she absolutely loves it! The one I gave her has an optional zippered pocketed. You don't need to haul your purse to go shopping all the time that way. You can put several in to one and head off to get groceries.

So Order one or two for your self and get Shopping!

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