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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


When I decided to go with having my own domain, I thought that eventually it could be come a "Family" business.

Well With all the talent that has been inherited  by this family I figured that I would help by encouraging it. That and student loans need money to pay them back. So I told my one daughter I would try selling some of her art work. While some of the pieces seem to have a dark theme to them, a lot of it had to do with what ever mood she was going through at the time. Many people that have seen them in person are amazed how talented she is.

At some point I hope to have her get some of her black and white photos up. They are awesome.

I also would love to get our youngest doing some work. She did some of the neatest gifts for Christmas this year out of polymer clay. You know if you can tell that it's suppose to be Dad's car and even he can tell it's good!

She did names up for her boy-friends family and had some of the cutest thing added to them .Like a black and white scarf and holstein cow to his uncles name and rose and ribbon to his aunt's. Her most channeling  was his mom's cardinal that turned out great!

I have been selling items done by my sister for years and will continue too, She does a lot of the knitting, and I hope to at some point even get the Hubby involved, other than doing my taxes!

Til then take a look on the art side!

                                                                        " Angst  of War"

                                                                     "Dock and Boat"
                                                                    "A Dying Rose"

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