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Monday, January 17, 2011

Learning ,Desigings and Naming

Ok I still learning How every thing works online!  Which is really hard since I HATE TO READ! There I got that of my chest. There is so much to read in order to know how to do this, not to mention figuring out how to do what I want!  I am getting better at this though .  On to what's going on in the shop!

Well I have several new style bags that I've been working on. One is finished, but I have yet to come up with a name for it. I not sure if its, a duffel bag or a purse?

Either way I really LOVE how it turned out!  I even love the second one I made of it even more!
Speaking of which, Has any one seen my son he has my other one that needs to get photographed! 
 He was taking it and showing it to a few of his female friends to get their opinions on it for me.        

The second bag that I'm working on, I am still looking for the right handle to put in it. But I'm really liking the way it is going so far. I've started a second in the same style and hope to have both style bags listed by the end of the month on Holsom Heart Designs!



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