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Friday, January 6, 2012

Fridays Featured Business Blog AndThe Birth of a Network

Ok I said Friday was going to be Featuring Businesses. Well  I decided when I came up with idea that I needed to do this one First! Why? Because it isn't a Businesses... But a Place to Do Business Or Better Yet, .... A place to learn, share,  and vent frustrations. A place  that will give you a pick me up when  down.  The Cheerleader as it were for the team!

  This is also the first  friend that I have met in person since  join the Online Marketing and Social Media community.

I want to introduce you to the one the only the "Big Mama" herself ( and adorable too!)  Dizzybusy Mama herself... Mama T.
Now who hasn't seen this before!

Tell our readers about yourself:
  I am 37, a mother of 4 and happily married. I originally started out seeking a home business to work around the family. I ended up loving meeting the vendors at expos and exchanging ideas. Then enters the God breeze to my life. One night cuddled up to my laptop feet under my bottom I looked at my husband and said I think I will create a FB page for moms. Then the name flew out of my mouth and up went  the page this past April. A month later we grew into a directory and resource site at www.dizzybusymamas.com. Many moms on FB had questions on  the basics on how to get their business going. Some had their own business ,not a franchise biz with starter kits. My passion to help ignited and we tried to hit on all points for visitors as you will see there. Many business leaders started popping up telling me we could be the next FB if done carefully. A good friend and social media guru lead me to the path where we established the social network www.dizzybusymamas.net and launched this mid fall. On our network, users can create free profile pages, set privacy settings, albums (which we call bragbooks) and more. Oh and we don't have a "Like" button we have a "Love" button. LOL! You will see my quirky humor all over both sites. We as moms need a playground to laugh, share, smile and feel supported. You can choose your forum to fit your needs best for your idea. We have Dizzybusy Clubs which is our groups that people can join and BlogMama where we host our growing blog community. You are welcome to do it all to fit your vision.

What does your business create/offer?
 Dizzybusy Mamas offers many things to help take the dizzybusy out of any persons life. Whether it is advertising your business, networking, learn how to save money,  and so much more. There is something for everyone. We offer support for your dream in motion. We offer support and friendship in your journey. Come on in!

What inspires you? Watching my Mamas and Papas put their dreams in motion. The one thing I am most proud of is my kids seeing and talking about the Mamas. They see the businesses in motion all stemming from a vision or dream and it shows them anything is possible with hard work. I am so proud of my Mamas and Papas for that. If you are reading this....Thank you!

How do you promote your work? 
I use all the typical social medias. For example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg, and many more.

What is something you've learned since starting your business?
I have schooled myself on alot of things so far. I built both sites myself. That was a learning experience in itself let me tell you. Then I was blessed to find Mama Christa. She put my vision for our template look into a reality.
Any Advice?

Many things happen for a reason so keep that in mind when things happen. Something you may not have looked for or planned for may happen at some point. Remember to keep your heart open and really listen or look. I have truly learned the definition of a God Breeze with Dizzybusy Mamas and I would have missed it if I hadn't taken time to listen.

Where can people find your site(s)

Website- http://www.dizzybusymamas.com
Social Network- http://www.dizzybusymamas.net
Email dizzybusymamas@gmail.com

If You weren't a member before reading this.... don't have kids, just the dog or cat... trust me you're a Mama! (or Papa ;D), come over and check it out. I have been with Dizzybusy Network since the start. And I have to say Mama T. does care for the Mamas that are running businesses from home. Doesn't matter whether  you  our  a  well know  sale consultant style business or you  own Brand, the information she had been sharing and  posting can help and you can meet others with similar businesses and get advise from them!  It's a win win Network!

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