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Monday, January 2, 2012

Starting New

 Ok as I write this it is  still 2011... Things have been hectic this year and sales low. But I believe in this business. I believe in small businesses.  I have met some wonderful  people who own their own businesses and I have shopped from them. Love quite a few of them also.

 I went back and read like my second blog post. which was on Jan 1,2011!
 I had set a goal of selling 100 items for the year. I have only sold 33!  Note: I did not set a $ goal. I don't know why I did it this way... but I did ( shrug shoulders).

I have also tired different things and  grown in many ways. After a lot of thought. I am going to do some changes to this business. Not total sure what yet, but I need to get closer to who I am on the inside and let it come through.

I have also decided that I need to commit to posting on a regular bases. I was going good for a while but, you know how life happens. So Starting with this POST I will be posting on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays will be about New things, and there are new things going to be coming this year, as well as sales  and clearances.
  Friday I am choosing to devote to some of the Wonder Places and People that I have met this past year on my journey. And I am going to be introducing you to some of the Greats "Diamonds in the Ruff" that I have found and gotten to know. 

So I hope you all stay for the ride and join in and participate because it will be an interesting one.

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