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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's Happend... This Week!

What to write what to write...... Let see  house note, Well The oven decided to smoke itself, the husband garage door spring decided to "Snap" ( lucky nothing or no one was in the garage at the time), and the son, (you'll love this one) Has strep but doesn't have strep but has strep.... you got that!

 Interesting week huh! SO I'm hoping that's the "3" because you know everything goes in "3's"
Up side my sister is offically the assistant manager at the fabric store( big name chain one).  Pepper is very snuggly...and assisting me with this! so excuse any typo's! And I have Heidi's quilt top almost done!need some more fabric for back and  border,but in the mean time I can get the squares cut for the next!( need that one done for next month Birthday present)
 As for the business... things are slow. I have the 20% sale going on and  ... well I have the 20% sale going on , "Celebrate Mama!" code,  so if you haven't started shopping yet...
Looking for recommendation? Ask Mam T she has seen it all and has done a review on "The Bucket Bag" even!

I also have Christmas items listed in the store and am working on getting a few more listed to in the coming month.
 Ribbons ..... Around and Bows

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