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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well I am feeling better! Love old fashioned  home remedies! Healthiest thing I did! I believe that I am coming full circle these days. When life throws you lemons, make lemon aide!
 I am grateful for some of the best friends that I have made online. They have humor and compassion all rolled together with a lot of  encouragement!

 Encouragement.... That  is something I feel  I didn't have a lot of at times when first starting out, what is it like  25 + years ago now.  I have grown in so many ways over this last year, I just need to drop a few pounds, (ok 100 , but who's counting!) but best of all I have found people who... get me as a person!

So What Does that mean, it means that anything is possible, oh sure there are moments when I have a bad day, but... I know where  or more important who to go to to give me those peolpe talks and get me re-focused! We all need those  kind of people who can be honest truthful and painful blunt too, but also those who are your cheerleaders! The
positive ones that fit into all those categories! And I have found quite a few keepers!

 Encouragement also means being able to take risk and do things  you wouldn't normally do, or taking that Idea that you've always had and making it happen.  I think I am becoming more comfortable with me  and my next step is becoming more comfortable  with doing selling... which I am working. Engaging the costumer!  Talking, in this case chatting online, and find out out what they like or need. But it does take 2!

So  We are still a work in progress!

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