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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Definition of Dizzybusy....

   Ok I have been on an adrenaline high for the past couple of weeks and am waiting fr the crash.... First doing the Show, then the launch of DizzybusyMamasNetwork... 
And if you haven't ventured over yet Do! It is Awesome!

I am also running so many deals right now.

1) I am now having a coupon code ( Code: Celebrate Mama!)
in honor of the site launch. This will be going to the 24th! Wait till then, Who knows  if you get what you like!

2) Have a lot of supply items that I am no longer using for projects, so... I am selling them! Yup on DizzybusyMamasNetwork and Facebook. And none are duplicated on either site!
3) And I have several other items, that don't fit the vintage tag, hence "The Attic" is born. Not sure if this will be on Holsom Heart Designs site or son social media sites yet.

4) I also have several Christmas Ephemera on my Etsy shop, (craftsbykash) And may be listing some of these on the social media sites as well. ( Yes I had to look up the word Ephemera!)
 Wow I'm exhausted!

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