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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Short and Breif (sort of?)

Short and brief today! I haven't worked on much this week, except on line! I have found/joined another team on Etsy...... Central Wisconsin! when I found it they had 3 members, When I mad the Treasury for it on Tuesday, there was 9 member... so I went looking on Etsy for More Wis vendors and when I typed in Wisconsin it only gave me 1! Yep! So I knew I  had fanned pages at one time when I had joined and .... yes I  went in and through every link of shop that I had hearted from the beginning till I had all 16 little blocks filled! Well when I looked on Thursday it was up to39, today it's at 43!  Strange thing is a lot of them live in the same town as me!

I think I need to get out more!

The  other thing I did accomplish was the turtle. There are a few issues i need to figure out for making him/her, but I what to be selling them for Christmas! And It has already received the Turtle Consignment  seal of approval! ( She knows her turtles!)

Yes that is Upholstery and left over jacket fabric.

And Here is the biggest reason nothing got done. Have you tired to work with a climbing Kitten!

1 comment:

  1. I love that turtle! it is great!
    And I love finding those who are in the same town as me. We just moved here last year, so the only people we know at this time are Etsy or Zibbeters, so I share the creativity and struggles with online selling with my only local friends. I am so thankful for groups like that on the sites.