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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wrap up for the 4th

First off the Puppies ( yes I know the are full grown they just act like puppies) are off the meds and ears are doing good! Hopefully we will NOT go through this again, having change food!
 Something we have learned is not all dog food is the same. Just like people, dogs can get problems, like over weight or ear infection because of their food. Yes you heard me right. The  fillers they you, many dogs are allergic to! Well since I have been trying to go more natural or organic why them too. we found a food  from our local pet store and I Mean Local! This is not a chain store either, The owners Daughter went to school with the twins!  

 Second , if you haven't entered the Give Away there is still a little time, know any one who would be interested either?  just pushed over 600 mark and I'm thrilled with the app so far.

Now my next step is figuring out how to turn likes into sales and I am working a that. I have a friend of the kids that has a degree in marketing looking at the lite and will be getting with hi to discuss thing hopefully this coming week.

Finally Happy Birthday to  America 235 years if I did the math right. Wow What a Republic! And we are a Republic not a Democracy like most think.The Pledge even says it " for the Republic for which it stand..."

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