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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whew....What A Week!

What a week.  the 4th has thrown me off in time schedule wise, that and having the hubby home on Wednesday for his doctors appointment.. Resale Thursday, and I did know it was Thursday by than. Plus a house full of cats, the runt died and as my 21yr old informed me. " rigamortis set in at around 2 am. on Friday morning". Think some ones been watching " Duckie" to much on NCSI

 And with having been thrown off I totally forgot that I was having my "Christmas in July Sale!" until Wednesday morning and realized it started actually Tuesday!

Yes I've had one of those weeks. Keep basement door closed to keep son's cats in and dogs away from them.

Yes We have a winner.... took a while for me to find out with everything... her name is Patti Duty and I shipped it off to her on Tuesday and she has received the bag in the mail yesterday! Yeah. I hope every one enjoyed it. I know I have more fans then I expected to get from doing it, but it has now tapered off to a few here and there every day.

I got up  this morning to have my first sale at Holsom Heart Designs! I had listed my Great Aunts angels and will be seeing her son , hopefully this coming week to see what else he has that can be but on site. I decided to do this route with the pictures till I find if he still has the other set of these.

I am also work on a Canada sale! When my web designer set things up it was for US only, and I have some one interested  in a garment that is form Canada and as I have shipped ( and I keep buy Steph's earrings) from there I didn't have a problem.... I just need to figure out the shipping cost!, Then I have to talk with Dori about changing the shipping info!

New project, for in house... covering 10 chairs, when I pick out what want for fabric on them. I love resale, you never know what you'll find and I got new dinning room chairs!

So How was your week.... crazy like mine!


  1. Wow, you are busy! Enjoying your blog! Please visit and follow mine: http://breitwerk.blogspot.com/


  2. It's been an off week for me too. Super busy and now family in town. So much to do I've just said to heck with it, it'll happen when it happens.

    Good Luck on you sale.