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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Photos Heading to the HolsomHeart Designs' Shop!

Photos finally! I have a tendency that when I finish  working on items to toss it on to the antlers till I get 4 or 5 done, then I'll photo graph. Well I think I have more to shoot but this is what I've accomplished so far. (And yes I said antlers and I sure I have a few men rolling in there grave right now!)

New Duff' Bag, I think of this fabric as a southwetesrn feel

Purple Upcycled Shoulder Bag with a neat button closure
And this Upcycled Shoulder has wood bead trim on it
The top, this is try #2

A side view a cute new shoulder purse!

Yes this is a kitten and it's about 3 weeks old and the daughter is calling it Pepper she is assuming it's a girl. And have you tried to upload pictures while making sure your 2 grown dogs don't take a bite out her because of her squeeking!

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