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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Polo Anyone?

Ok... I started writing this blog only to decided, why am I taking about this!?!

 It's just one of those days. I have tried to read my mail and postings in threads on line for  about  2 hours, and it counting the 4-5 phone interruptions! Well I finally got through all that and realized while hanging up the first load of laundry, puppy bedding needing to be washed ( clothes pin nose) and  then throwing ours in that I need to do the blog today! Hey This is an improvement, normally I remember at dinner!

So  If you've noticed the fan page as  of this weekend I've been playing with polo shirts. Daughter no longer needed them for work, no longer working at the grocery store, and I didn't need any more rags, have stack from last clean out. So I had just tossed them into the pile to deal with later. Most were in good shape and a few were only months old.And having looked on line and seen  so many make overs of clothing, I decided what do I got to lose!

First attempt  was hit with some rave reviews! which I didn't quite expect! I was looking at switching out the buttons for purple ones , than some one suggested  adding button holes to the other side and threading a cord through it. I went looking for  purple cord, which I swore I had in the house... took me a couple of days to remember where and...

the purple is a different shade,
so I'm not sure... but I'm not
giving up this idea yet.

 Try 2;

This time I cut the top lower and the bottom half is  the bottom from a third polo. Yea and I think I have 1 more floating around.  This time I wound up going with a solid, just didn't like any of the knit stripes I was laying a against it  and I am leaving the buttons on this one.

Next  question? What to price them at. As the are half re-purposed and half new material?  Hmmm!

I'm thing $20-$25 comments. I know some people think I don't charge enough, but I am looking for a first sale on the site. And I think  that if it's recycled it should cost you an arm and a leg.  Post below or on Blog Advertising, or if you're a fan On my Facebook page Holsom Heart Designs.

1 comment:

  1. I like the second one with the cut a little lower - good idea!