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Saturday, June 18, 2011


It's been a Party Fun Train riding week on Facebook! I have joined to new  sites there that do promotions,

One being  Dizzybusy Mamas     Which is a group of  mom 's helping each other and supporting their businesses, the web site for them is http://www.dizzybusymamas.com  and there is a small fee to join the website if you want them to promote you, of $20 for 1 year.There is information available on their site that is only accessible if you are a member.

The second site is The BNS Network with EdieAnne  I have had real fun with Edie Anne She is a Scentsy Consultant  as well as Avon Representative. And I  had partied  3 of 4 nights this last week.
There are some rules on her site but they are there for common curtsy  and are not that hard to follow. It's just another place to help you promote your business!

Speaking of Promotions! I'm really getting close to 500! That's what the "yeek" was about for the title! 50 more fans and I will be having to set that list up as how to do the give away. AS with any give away done This is not through Facebook or Blogger. They have no involvement other than as a means to advertise it. I will be heading to Random to set it up this week and hopefully will be post in Tueadays blog  more info..

 Made of beige upholstery fabric embellished with leaves of black and ecru which gives a distinctive texture to the touch. This bag is roomy at 12" ( 30.5 cm) x 7.75" (19.7 cm). Fully lined in black .

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