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Saturday, June 25, 2011

finishing up odds and ends

First off Wooow, I started the Giveaway at 473..... by the next morning I had 505 in fans!!! Wow I beginning to think I should have done something like this months back!

 Well now  on to what's going on I finished the Recycled Polo top!

well I finished the button holes on the other side and thread a satiny purple cord through and to keep it from coming unthreaded added a few beads
tying them on the ends and re threading  back up
 I think it turned out great! Thank you Susan Spoon for the suggestion!

 I had also finished up 2 purses that needed buttonholes,  it was a buttonhole day the one day this week. It is easy to do ab bunch at once.  I have also been working on finishing other products that had been started. I still have one more of these duffel  type bags to finish but that will probable be for next week.

I have  more photo to take of these items for online shopping and I need to retake some photos next week of some other items as I get ready for my July Sale! More about that Some other time!

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