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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Singer, Screws and Sewing.....

Sorry about not posting twice this past week was personal a busy one.The annual salad luncheon and bake sale at church. Monday baking for it,Tuesday selling at it, Wednesday weeding the one flower bed. It finally warmed up and was dry at the same time! picked up a few planets on Thursday and then  Friday..... the 13th!

I'm not a superstitious person, but I was not having a good day with  the Singer! In fact my mother's machine and I have been having a Love Hate  relationship the last week or so.

 For those of you who don't sew, sewing machines can be temperamental, well mine seem to be. I had this one in to the repair shop this past fall and he was all fixed up. ( I burnt the motor out on the foot pedal. Ooops!) Well I sew  with cone thread. Thread comes on a cone and I have been using this to thread the bobbins as well. Here's where temperamental comes in to play. If the bobbin isn't threaded right you get funny stitches, and well....

My brain wasn't work for a few days  trying to figure this out and I messed  with every  trouble shooting   Idea ... except that one. Sometimes the most obvious is not the first thing you think. Well after figuring out , (phone call to sister) I had to readjust tensions back and...I'm still having problem. Today I found out why. Missing screw! So Saturday, will be spent at some time sifting through the Hubby's collection to see if he has one that size in it, other wise I will be off to the sewing machine repair man for one.

 In the mean time I did a little bit on my machine ( I have several) And this is just a peak at what I've been thing about this past month.

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  1. Hey Kath, good luck with finding that screw! We have a huge collection of screws, too, so I can just imagine trying to find one the right size..ugh! Cute dresses!