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Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Humor.

This weekend Is Memorial Day, well Monday, but it  will be a busy weekend. Grocery shopping and hemming drapes are on the list. The Drapes Are in the funny zone. Daughter  wanted  drapes for her apartment. They came with shades but she wants curtains. Something else for mom and dad to buy.... The sheer I originally found for $5 for the whole bolt ( at our Wally World as my hubby calls it) made and had taken down to her was to long... please note I had measured  her windows when we had moved her in, and misplaced between purse and desk.... in the process of looking for fabric... it was either that or it got thrown out... which is more likely  with the receipt .

The length  was the problem. She has radiators  under every window............So I tell her the next time I will bring the machine and hem  The look on her face was priceless.

This is the college educated child  who will correct her mother at every turn  of spelling and annunciation. Her comment was "Why don't you just take them home and do it?" First  off I didn't plan on having to fix the hem... second I did see a need to bring the tape measure down and she doesn't have a tape measure... Oh  wait her father when  asked if we needed to bring the drill with , and I said " well you hung up her pictures , do we need too?" .... Shall we see the comedy in this..

She still didn't get the bringing the machine down. It was  you don't have to go out of your way that's going to be inconvenient.... Her father looked at her and it took all I could not to laugh. " Why do you think they call it a portable sewing machine!" I have been sewing her  entire life.... What can I say.....

I have 2 sets to make, Well the second set she wanted to be heavier. Mom realizing it would be less expensive looked at resale shops... you can get great finds there.... If your daughter doesn't limit you  color selection to ah... red and red only. (We will not get in to what her  aunt calls her decorating style.. it involves pepto bismol  )

Having worked this method before, when you need or what a particular item you can't find it, Have back up plan.....  Well I finally convinced her to give me a second option we found some red drapes that I should be able to make them work! So a Hemming  we will go!

Uncle Frank  who died at Iwo Jimain WWII

My Dad, who served in the Korean War

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  1. Good luck with this task! I can't sew to save my life. My mother is a seamstress, but I know enough to go pick out the fabric and give to her with a sketch of what I want and then she does what she needs to do. hehe.