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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crocheted Fleece

Morning every one! I know I running late with posting this, but I've had a tiring Easter! I had a good one, up until 8:30-9pm when I wound up in the emergency room with the youngest because she could breath... I end up nothing serious but we were there for 1 1/2 hours and then I had to get a prescription filled... by time I got to bed it was midnight and I had to get up to set up the basement at church for our quilting group! So I've been catching up the past few days...

So Today I decided I would share an Idea with you!

Do you work with Fleece? Well I do on occasions, and not doing the tied blankets, though we have done some of those in the house. I have done jackets and doll clothes, and when cut you have those scrappy pieces left. And being one of those " I hate to waste Fabric" people I had a pile a accumulating.

I can remember if I'd seen it so where or if I got the idea from rag rugs, but I decided to cut them into narrow strips and I mean 1/2" wide as narrow ( it might be less than that).

Then tying end to end to make a long chain and rolling them into a ball till I had enough to do something with.

 They  not only took up less space this way
but looked pretty in my yarn crock!

 Then when I needed a change of something to do I crocheted them, using the biggest hook I had in house which was a "G"  doing a Granny Square , into a little blanket for our Beagle! 

I will admit I wish I had a bigger hook, because my had would get tired but it was fun! and I found a use for those scrapes!

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  1. What a cool little blanket! I remember you saying you had a beagle....LOVE beagles! So sweet. I sure admire your ability to take little scraps and turn it into something. I don't have that ability, that's for sure! I'm glad your daughter is ok, that must have scary! Good thoughts going your way!