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Monday, September 5, 2011

Moving Along.....

I think I really need a vacation! Gays Mills will not be soon enough! (More  on that  at a later date.)

I have so many different things going on as fall starts heading our way. About half way through editing  the tags and I  have managed to get some down to single in stead of having to fold! Yes!
 I have also started working on the daughter's quilt. Good idea as she needs it for winter! And it has been a nice break from doing the bags and Purses. I am working on a clutch and cutting and layout other bags for assembly... whew!

 And I am slowly heading to 1000 fans. So  more about that idea for  giving  my "You Name It Purse" a name. Well when I hit 1000 I will post in the Photo section of my page  a picture of the  bag and  as you to give me names that you thing would describe it best. I'll let this go for a week and then narrow it down. And post here the final 3 that I like. Then I'm thinking of letting all the fans vote for their favorite name. Alright haven't worked everything out, but I need to have this as a back up in case I can't make my mind up! If I find one name that fits I'll just post that.  The winner is going to receive a $25.00 gift certificate for Holsom Heart Designs online shop!

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