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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


First off Thank You for those that commented on the video!

Now On to the topic of the problem. "You Decide" (see Decision Time), I actually post the name of this bag today as "You Name It" !So I need to get a name for this bag/purse. I think that it is part of the problem, It can be both, or either, or how ever you want to state it.

So here's what I decided When I  reach 1000 Fans We  will have a  Name the Bag Contest.
Right Now I'm at 861, so it's not that far away.


  1. Sounds fun. Good luck on the new milestone.

  2. Your doing a great job!! Love your creativity!! Sorry I haven't been over to check out your blog until now!!!
    Rebekah-Dove and Bek's GC