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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lastest Works....

I have had a couple of very productive days... even with all the other things going haywire in the house! Starting with the Plumber and the leak that was fixed last week ... which needed to get REFIXED Monday morning after it soaked the rug and floor in the basement! OK It wasn't that bad, the area rug got soaked and the hubby filed about 1/4 of the wet vac ....luckily the daughter found it before we all went to bed. We just don't know how long it was leaking! Then there is the never ending laundry stream... And I'm mean stream because that's what the hall way in front of my Laundry room looks like! Gees!

Well even with all this I got some Bucket Bags done.I Have completed 3 totally and have exteriors done on another 3!WooHoo.... and that's just 2 days of work!So check them out... will be getting better pictures for the site done later this week!

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