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Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to the Shop

Ok, It may sound like a corny title but, at this time of the morning I'm not a wake.

I want to give a little background of how Holsom Heart Designs, came about.
 After several years, 28 to be exact, of selling at craft shows I decided that I needed to take that next step and start expanding. So with the help of my sister who found several on line places that I could try selling at, I choose Etsy. That was 2 years ago. Well in that whole time I only sold 3 items, and was getting discouraged.
I'm not a marketing type of person, I am the creative design type!

So I went to a friend for advice on how to improve my shop,and I got it!  "Get Your Own Site!"
Say What!!!

Well after talking more and rolling things around and praying, I decided after  my seasonal show that it was time to really get serious about this business. My Hubby was willing to talk to the gal that did the churches web page up, and after hounding him, and sicking my sister on him , she has a wonderful way to motivate people, I soon was discussing names and layout ideas with this wonderfully talented and patient person.

After about a month we had a website!    Next step, add product! And I will admit that I'm still finding things out about how to work the site myself, I have several items up , 29 to be exact, and I have more to come!

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